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Bobcat 10×16.5 Heavy Duty Tire-10 ply (7322705)

Bobcat 10×16.5 Heavy Duty Tire-10 ply (7322705)


Bobcat heavy-duty skid steer loader tires increase protection against punctures and cracks with extra thick sidewalls. They feature bead guards to shield against rim and sidewall punctures. The combination of superior, self-cleaning rubber and a high ply rating makes these tires ideal for rough, high-hour applications such as rental, construction, landscaping and industrial jobs.

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Fits Skid Steer Loaders: 641, 642, 643, 645, 653, 741, 742, 743, 751, 753, 763, 773, 7753, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S450, S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S595

Durable sidewall and rim shield protector provide high resistance to flats and punctures.
Proven tread compound is wear-resistant to protect from chunking and separation.

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