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If you are searching for equipment in the New Jersey/New York/Delaware tri-state area that is robust, reliable and offers the latest technology then you have come to the right place. Woods Machinery offers the newest and most unique equipment from world class manufacturers. Our fleet is maintained by factory certified technicians and is consistently refreshed which means you can rent with confidence. No matter how long you are looking to rent we have a solution for you. We offer flexible rental periods including; daily, weekend, weekly, monthly and seasonal rentals.  Thanks for considering Woods Machinery for your rental needs.

How long are your rental periods?

We offer flexible rental periods so you only have to rent the equipment for the timespan you need it. We offer daily rentals, weekly rentals, weekend rentals, monthly rentals and long term seasonal rentals.

Do you offer half day rentals?

No, the shortest rental period is a full day.

What is the amount of usage allotted for your rental periods?

A daily rental consists of a 24 hour time period and up to 8 hours of running time on the machine hour meter. If a customer exceeds the 24 hour time period or exceeds the 8 hours of running time the customer will incur additional charges. See the chart below for the amount of time or usage allotted for each of our rental periods.

Rental Duration Time Period Running Hours
Day 24 hours 8
Weekend Friday evening – Monday morning 8
Week 7 days 40
Month 28 days 160

What additional charges will the customer incur if they exceed the allotted running time on the equipment?

Customers will incur an overtime charge if they exceed 8 hours of usage for a daily rental, 40 hours of usage for a weekly and 160 hours for a month.  O/T charges are applied at an hourly rate of 1/8 our daily rental rate for each machine.

Where can we find the pricing for your rentals?

Pricing for our rentals is located on our website and a downloadable copy is available. On our website you can simply choose the appropriate machine category and machine model and pricing for the specific model will be present on the webpage. If you would like to download a copy of our complete rental pricing please click here.

Do you offer a discount for renting attachments with your rental equipment?

Yes. If you combine an attachment with our rental equipment a package price is available. On our webpage, if you choose the machine you are looking to rent it will populate the available attachments with the corresponding discounted rental rate.

What does the price of the rental include?

The pricing outlined on our website is solely the price for renting the equipment. Common additional fees you may incur include: state sales tax, delivery and pick-up charges, and/or Rental Protection Plan expenses.

How much does it cost to have your rental equipment delivered?

We own and operate our own delivery vehicles so we offer competitive delivery and pick-up rates. The rate is dependent on the physical size and operating weight of the equipment plus the proximity to our closest dealership. Please inquire with one of our rental representatives for estimated costs.

Delivery and pick-up is not a requirement. If you have the proper vehicle to transport the equipment safely you may pick-up and drop-off from any of our dealerships. If you choose to pick-up and drop-off you will not incur any delivery charges

What is the Rental Protection Plan?

A copy of our Rental Protection Plan Policy which provides all the details can be downloaded on our website. Please click here to view our Rental Protection Plan. In addition, we provide handouts at our dealerships and if you choose to rent the same details may be found on the back of your rental contract.

Do you offer emergency customer support after normal business hours?

Yes, we offer an emergency rental number in the event there is an issue or emergency situation involving our equipment.  In the event of an emergency after normal business hours you may call (732 ) 620-5733.  Please contact one of our locations during normal business hours.

Am I responsible to refuel and clean the equipment rented?

Yes, the customer is responsible to return the equipment full of fuel. In addition, the customer is responsible to return the equipment clean of mud, concrete, or any other type of material.

What happens if I do not refuel or clean the equipment before it is returned?

If the equipment rented is not returned full of fuel the customer will be charged a fuel charge. The amount of the charge is $6.00 per gallon.  If the equipment rented is not cleaned prior to its return the customer will incur a cleaning charge. The customer will be charged $70.00 per hour ($50 minimum) for cleaning.

What type of fuel should I use?

We offer gasoline and diesel powered equipment and it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure they utilize the proper fuel type. An operator handbook is located in each rental machine which specifies the type of fuel the equipment requires.

How often should the machine be greased?

The equipment should be greased according to the recommended interval set forth by the manufacturer. An operator handbook is located in each rental machine which specifies the grease intervals.  As a rule of thumb the equipment should be greased daily.

Do you offer operating training?

We currently do not provide operator training.  However, an operator training kit is available for purchase through our Parts Department.

Do you rent to homeowners?

Yes, we do rent to homeowners. Certain rental equipment is excluded. Please ask one of our rental representatives for more details.

Is the customer responsible for misuse or overloading the equipment?

Yes, the customer is responsible to operate the equipment according to the manufacturer. An operator handbook is located in each machine which details the loading capacities. In addition, the operator’s handbook will provide detail for safe operation.

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