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Test 01 (for internal use only)

Test 01 (for internal use only)

Heavy duty orange bristles have 15% more poly than standard bristles for superior sweeping jobs. The convoluted or wavy rim allows for evenly spaced bristles across the sweeper. Place every other wafer from a 12 oclock to a 6 oclock position on the wafer core in order to create a space between each wafer. You can make the broom denser by decreasing the space between the wafers by reducing the distance of the two clock positions.The Inside Diameter [ID] X Outside Diameter [OD] measurement will help you find the correct size bristle for your broom.

Inside Diameter: 10 inches
Outside Diameter: 32 inches
No spacers required. The waved inner ring creates 2 inches of spacing per bristle.
Use flat bristles 7241795 on opposite ends of the broom for stability.
68″ angle broom uses 2 straight / flat brushes and 34 wavy brushes
84″ angle broom uses 2 straight / flat brushes and 44 wavy brushes
Due to engineering standards, some parts are updated or changed and are assigned a new part number. Previous part number was 6989023. This part is the direct replacement.

Parts can vary depending on your serial number.

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