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Flail Mower

Rental Rates include E50 w/cab enclosure

Attack your most difficult brush and sapling clearing projects with the Bobcat® flail mower. Easily shred vegetation on virtually any terrain, including hillsides, roadways, ditches, trails, riverbanks and utility right-of-ways, and other hard-to-reach places with the long reach of the excavator. Using powerful triple knife flails, you can mulch small branches, saplings, thick grass and other vegetation up to 4 in. in diameter.

Side safety chains help contain debris within the housing that could be thrown during operation. The rotor brake stops the attachment in 7 seconds or less after hydraulics are deactivated.

A rubber torsion disc absorbs impact loads that are encountered during operation. To protect the drive train, the flail mower features heavy-duty flanges on both sides of the rotor to protect the drive train from dust and debris. This also prevents wire from damaging the drive train mechanism.

Top Tasks

  • Clear brush and saplings on ditches, right-of-ways, hillsides, roadways and other areas
  • Control overgrowth on trails, culvert areas, ditches, and cattails on lake shores
  • Prepare land and other properties on new construction sites

How It Works

Rotating flail knives cut through material while the operator controls the cutting height by adjusting the arm of the excavator. Free-swinging knives rotate around the axis, catching the cut material in a cylindrical hood. The operator can reverse the direction of the knives by switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor.

Daily $750.00
Weekly $2,500.00
Monthly $6,650.00

*Rental Rates include E50 w/cab enclosure

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