• Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm.

Stumpex – Stump Grinder

When operating your Stumpex make sure to have PPE safety gear on and your carrier has an enclosed cab and door closed. Be sure no one is within 15 feet of the working area to ensure safety. Always survey your working area for obstructions and call before you dig to avoid utilities.

Always properly maintain your Stumpex by inspecting daily and making sure your blades are properly sharpened. Stumpex blades should maintain a 30 degree angle to work efficiently. Remember to always use your Fecon provided Fecon gauge.


• Any Species of Wood

• Bores 20” into Ground while Cutting Feeder Roots

• Durable AR500 Steel Blades make the Stumper Tough, Even in
Rocky Conditions

• Safer than Conventional Stumpers due to Slow Rotation
Auger Bit Action

Weight 1368 lbs
Hydraulic Flow 20 - 42 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 2500 - 4000 psi

Daily $250.00
Weekly $875.00
Monthly $2,405.00

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