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Green Climber LV600

Green Climber LV600

Green Climber LV600 is a long range remote-controlled steep terrain mower capable of operating on slopes up to 60 degrees. Since the operator is not on board, it can be used for cutting dangerous, steep or uncomfortable areas. It comes standard with a high performance flail for roadside maintenance but can be equipped with a variety of other hydraulic attachments. It has expandable undercarriage tracks that can be extended + 16 inches to amplify stability while lowering the center of gravity. Thanks to the advanced hydraulic system, the powerful Kohler engine and special high grip tracks, Green Climbers are virtually unstoppable on any slope or terrain.

Machine Weight 2,850 lbs
Max Gradient 60 degrees, all directions
Cutting Capacity 0-3" diameter
Track Width Extension + 16 inches
Hydraulic Side Shift + / - 16 inches
Max Speed 5.6 mph
Engine Kohler Diesel KD625/2 Tier IV Final
No. Cylinders 2
Engine Power 25.5 HP
Engine Cooling Air
Tank Fuel Capacity 4.75 Gallons

Technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Kohler Diesel Engine
  • CA & EPA Emissions Compliant Tier 4 Final 25 HP with amplified engine oil capacity
  • Remote-controlled electric 2 position accelerator (min working rpm)
  • A bigger oil radiator with reversible fan; new design
  • Remote controlled extend-able undercarriage (same as LV600 Green Climber)
  • “Quick-Connect” hydraulic connection (same as LV600 Green Climber)
  • Remote controlled hydraulic side-shifting (same as LV600 Green Climber)
  • Easy-read operation & maintenance on-board computer system
  • In-line hydraulic pumps (same as LV600 Green Climber)
  • 4.5 gallon diesel tank
  • Remote controlled hydraulic lifting system of theflail
  • 2 hydraulic lines (same as LV600 Green Climber)

Daily $750.00
Weekly $3,00.00
Monthly $9,000.00

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