Fecon Bull Hog Video

Posted by: Woods Machinery

Watch a Fecon Bull Hog in action and receive a complete tour of this amazing attachment from a Fecon representative. There is much more to this attachment than just taking down small trees. The stump grinding capabilities of this machine are shown as are the mulching capabilities. This is a versatile multi-purpose attachment and this 12 minute video gives you a complete Fecon Bull Hog Brush & Tree Cutting Attachment demonstration.

Fecon®, Inc. offers a full line of hydraulic Bull Hog brush cutters for skid-steer loaders from most manufacturers. These brush cutter/mulchers will clear brush, trees and stumps down to ground level. You can mulch standing trees 4-6″ in diameter (depending on horsepower) and intermittently process 6-8″ trees.

Fecon Bull Hog


Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs are configured to provide the best combination of cutting tools, width, weight, and driveline options for operation on open-loop, load sense, or closed-loop hydraulic systems up to 600hp!

  • Heavy-Duty, Severe-Duty Models
  • Up to 600 HP Hydraulic Systems
  • Available FGT, HDT, and DCR Rotor Configurations
  • Versatile Tooling Options