Mini Track Loaders - Your Best New Hire of 2019

Posted by: Woods Machinery

If you can one name one item preventing your landscape business from growing, what would it be?
I often ask this question to landscape contractors and the vast majority of feedback I receive is related to manual labor. The landscape industry is growing but with historically low unemployment rates, landscape contractors all face the common roadblock of hiring and maintaining manual labor.

Compact equipment has become a viable alternative to manual labor and Mini Track Loaders are one of the fastest growing segments in the equipment industry. Landscape contractors choose Mini Track Loaders because they minimize the amount of manual labor required on a job site by replacing wheel barrows, shovels and other hand tools. In addition, these machines work within tight spaces and can maneuver through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces with ease. Last, Mini Track Loaders are designed to be attachment carriers which help increase efficiencies for numerous tasks and they minimize much of the back-breaking work. They can be paired with landscape attachments such as Buckets, Pallet Forks, Augers, Trenchers, Hydraulic Breakers and Stump Grinders making it the Swiss army knife for landscape projects.

So, is a Mini Track Loader the right machine for your business? Ultimately, the decision hinges on the needs for your specific operation. Factors include job-site location and requirements, attachment operation and speed of completing the job. Since several different makes and models are available in the marketplace it is important you match the machine to the scope of work needing completion. An equipment dealership can be a valuable asset to match the ideal machine to your needs.

Rob Woods
President of Garden State Bobcat Group

This article was featured on the NJLCA magazine.