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Wacker RDA 12A – Asphalt Roller

Wacker RDA 12A – Asphalt Roller (Double Drum Roller)

The RD12 one-ton roller series features dual drum drive and articulated steering for extremely accurate control. Front drum vibration with static rear drum leaves a quality asphalt finish. Outstanding overall roller performance and a high exciter frequency allows compaction at faster speeds while still delivering even coverage and excellent results.

  • Easily maneuverable units provide flush compaction to curbs and obstructions.
  • Pressurized water system offers consistent water flow. An eight position timer allows the operator to adjust water flow to match conditions.
  • Rear platform and front hood tilt up for easy access and improve machine serviceability.
  • Rollers offer reduced sound levels; units run quieter than competitive machines in the same class.
  • Ideally suited for compaction of granular base surfaces and finish layers on road repairs, driveways, parking lots and and any asphalt surface.
Operating data
Operating weight w/ ballast lb 2,689
L x W x H in 71.8 x 40.7 x 90.5
Drum width in 35.4
Drum diameter in 22
Side clearance Right in 1.8
Side clearance Left in 3.5
Curb clearance Right in 15.7
Curb clearance Left in 8.2
Centrifugal force Dynamic (Front Drum) lbf 3,400
Frequency Vpm 4,200
Linear force Static (Front/Rear) lb/in 28 / 41
Linear force Dynamic (Front) lb/in 96
Travel speed Forward mph 5.4
Travel speed Reverse mph 5.4
Surface capacity Area ft²/h 84,281
Gradeability Maximum % 30
Turning radius Outside in 96.5
Engine / Motor
Engine / Motor type air-cooled, 2-cylinder, gasoline engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer Honda GX 630
Displacement in³ 42
RPM / speed Operating Speed rpm 3,100
Operating performance Max Rated at 3600 rpm hp 20.3
Fuel consumption US gal/h 1.6
Tank capacity Fuel US gal 6.1
Tank capacity Water US gal 26.4

Product Information Sheet

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Daily $250.00
Weekly $875.00
Monthly $2,625.00

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